SEO SUMMARY REPORT | September 2021

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SEO Summary

The overall bounce rate went from 65.61% to 67.22%, We increased 3,500 sessions and still stayed above average on pages/session, time on site, and bounce rate.

In terms of acquirement, our main loss comes from (paid – search). This can be easily remedied.

Top pages stay with ads and campaigns.

43 of the 46 pages have increased in organic positioning (including new pages we have recently changed per last meetings), 1 of the 46 stayed the same as the baseline reading and 16 of the 46 have taken the number one organic search result. We lost 16 of the greater than 10 pages out of 16.

Clicked Keywords had a wide array of first organic result clicks.

I included how many clicks these tops phrases got for the past month.
Ad words had 18,604 clicks, However 5,300 more sessions were not counted. This can be counted as more less spam clicks as being suggested by the bounce rate also falling or sometimes Google Analytics can have some tracking issues.