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SEO Summary

Traffic went from 81,441 to 87,463 sessions. Nice bounce back from last month. Still 20,000 plus more than last year September and over 2020, all while keeping a sub 28% bounce rate. We are below all industry standards.

The overall bounce rate went from 27.73% to 27.59% while adding 6,000 sessions.

Pageviews increased to 1.59 a visit. Little by little we get higher and higher.

In terms of acquirement,(40.7%) were organic SEO with a bounce rate of around 20%. Paid search was around 21% of all sessions with a 29% bounce rate.

Top pages are the contest pages and things to do.

Every page has increased in organic positioning, We lost all 16 of the greater than 10 pages out of 16. 46 of the 46 targeted keywords are on the first page of Google. Many more organic results are top results too.

Clicked Keywords had a wide array of first organic result clicks. Spook Hill and Peppa Pig.

Ad words had 32,000+ clicks. Coming in strong and lowering the cost down to .40 cents per click and back to over 1 million impressions.
Ad words had 37,000+ clicks. Coming in strong and lowering the cost down to .47 cents per click.