SEO SUMMARY REPORT | September 2021

Lunz Group

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Site Visits / Views

Average Site Time

Month 1:17
Year 1:23



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Acquirement %

Top Pages

Requested Keywords

SEO Summary

Numbers and Page Views are still very healthy. Should continue to have close to 2K visitors and 4kish page views a month. (2021 higher than one single month in 2020).

Pages per visit is over 1:19 with that many users. Site time is at 1:17 with a 61.28% bounce, which is above over industry average.

Top pages is an appropriate flow chart of important pages. Home – About – Work – Contact. Specific jobs are entering the top pages as well (/project/lha-williamstown-micro-cottages), giving us a good place to keep pushing keywords.

Organic search accounts for 61.3% percent of all traffic. People are able to find you. Social is up to 8.3% plus percent, which is great. Referral is good and social is good for a website, as well. Social and refferal took a small dip which explains some of the traffic loss but nothing to be worried about.

Requested Keywords are making good progress. We can find Industrial Design now after making landing pages. Starting to find a lot more vague keywords as well. (Very good)