SEO SUMMARY REPORT | September 2022

High Tower Roofing

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Month 1:02
Year :51



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SEO Summary

A big increase in traffic from September. Highest numbers in modern site era. The recent storms could be the cause, however its year good that the page views along with visits arose when you would be needed. Getting big pushes will also help stay trending on results.

Top pages are a great flow of traffic.Request a quote is the 2nd highest result in a big sessions spike. Retargeting is good, people are coming back. The landing pages we made for this strategy have been getting great traffic.

All requested keywords are getting us good traffic. More and more page 1 results. Organic is filling with really generic results too. Very good. They were able to find us when needed.

After our overhaul on AdWords we have got a lot more clicks and driving the CPC down even more. Down significantly than last year. We will continue to get better. More impressions and more engaged.